Me and my blog

So, you are probably wondering who I am and what this blog is about so I am going to start by writing a little something to answer these questions for you.

Who am I? Put simply I am a woman born and raised in the South of England. I have always been a t tree aveller at heart. I love discovering new places and experiencing new things. I will try anything once. I love motorbikes and hope to one day travel the world on one. I currently work three jobs and like to stay busy, busy, busy.

What is this blog really about? Well I decided to start a blog to share my experiences with you all. To share tips and hints where I can. I will use the blog to review products, places etc. To share my excursions with the world. As well as to give inspiration to others to get then to pursue their dreams.

I am hoping to go travelling next year and want to share my experiences with both planning this kind of trip and actually travelling as well.

I hope you enjoy reading this blog and find it very helpful.

Until next time….

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