Tapas or Not Tapas

Last weekend i went to visit an old school friend in crawley. we had discussed going out for dinner and a good old catch up as we hadn’t seen each other for a few months. She picked out the restaurant, a lovely tapas place in the town. I drove down to her place and then we headed into the town centre together.

We had a table booked at Hispalis Tapas Restaurant in Crawley.

Hispalis Tapas Restaurant, Crawley

When we arrived we were seen by a waiter as soon as we entered. He checked our reservation and led us straight to our table. we sat in the corner by the front window where we could see the hustle and bustle of life outside, not that i paid much attention as we were to busy talking the night away.

We ordered a lovely bottle of merlot and started chatting whilst we figured out what we wanted to eat. The waitress bought over the bottle and i sampled it as i was the one that prefers red wine, my friend prefers white. The waitress poured us a glass each and then left us for a few more minutes to decide what to eat.

We decided to have a bit of a mix, we both liked the idea of getting a few of the tapas plates to share and then we went with the seafood paella to go with it, also to share. it stated in the menu that it was a half hour wait for the paella which neither of us were worried about. we simply told the waitress to bring it all out together once it was ready.

We carried on chatting and before we knew it they brought out the food, it didn’t even feel like it had been half an hour.

From the tapas menu we ordered the garlic bread, patata brava, calamari, potato tortilla. The garlic bread tasted fresh, lightly toasted bread so not to crispy and the garlic butter was not to overpowering. the patata brava is a spicy potato dish, i had never had it before but my friend absolutely loved it so i went with her opinion. I was correct to do so, the potatos were cooked perfectly. then to add to it i had the calamari and she had a potato tortilla. my calamari was cooked to perfection, the batter was light but crispy with a little hint of saltiness which complimented to squid perfectly. the squid rings inside were cooked to perfection, not overcooked and rubbery.

we also had the seafood paella which we both shared. i had ner had muscles before but i am willing to try anything once. the muscle were just right, they didn’t taste overly fishy and they were not rubbery like they had been over cooked. the rice in the paella was also cooked perfectly. the only negative i had was the squid rings in the paella had been over cooked and had become tough and rubbery and it was very difficult to eat. that aside the rest of the food was fantastic.

After we had finished our mains the waitress came back over and asked if we would like dessert. we were both feeling naughty and decided to go for a slice of tiramisu each, i partnered mine with a cappucino to give me an energy boost for when i had to drive home later that night.

When the tiramisu was brought out it looked absolutely fantastic. i took the first bite and it is by far the best tiramisu i have ever had. it was creamy, with an undertone of coffee that was not to strong and overpowering. the cake was soft and melted in the mouth. Even if i was out somewhere else for dinner in crawley i would then go there for dessert just to have such a gorgeous piece of tiramisu again.

The service overall in the whole evening was very good, the only drawback was that it felt that the service was a little slow when it came to clearing the plates away from our main meal. that however was the only flaw, the staff were kind and courteous and very friendly. absolutely a lovely restaurant to go to, it definetely has my approval.

After dinner we carried on our conversation as we slowly walked back to her place. the air was cool and the roads were not that busy so it was a lovely peaceful walk. after we got back i headed home, with the promise that we would do omething like this again real soon.

Until next time….

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