The healthy lifestyle continues

So its only day two but i feel like i should put another post about my healthy lifestyle changes. i still haven’t started the full treatment plan i am going to be working on in order to become healthier and ultimately lose some weight.

Even without being at this point i have found myself being more aware of what i am going to eat. i am wanting to eat more healthier items, checking what is actually in products and whether they are good for me to eat or if they are really bad to have in your diet. i am still trying to work up to consuming two litres of water a day but i am definetely drinking more than i was just a few days ago. today i only managed to consume one litre of water but i am happy with this as i am still working my way up.

Just by drinking more water i am feeling a bit better generally within myself. i was never aware how not drinking water and keeping hydrated would affect my day to day life. if this is the outcome from just drinking more water i can’t wait to start on the rest of my plan and see the overall outcome for everything.

I will continue to update you on my progress as i go along.

Until next time…..

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