Where Have I Been?

So to my current followers, you are probably wondering what happened. Well I am sorry it has been so long since i last posted here. A lot has happened in these few months i have been away and because of this i have restructured my blog slightly. In december of 2019 i was in a car accident, i will go into further detail on another post; but for now let me just say that i had some bad injuries of which i am still recovering now.

This meant i had to have time off work whilst i recovered. Then obviously COVID arrived in march, just as i was starting to try and go back to work. So i ended up having time off again so i could shield. I am currently out of work and trying to figure out my next move as it were.

on a positive note i decided to try and go back to studying. i am due to start a combined stem degree; hopefully in science and computing. i am due to start in october but as i am still recovering i am waiting to find out if i can get some extra help. i am studying with the Open University, this way i have more flexibility around when i would like to study. i have decided to start documenting this journey and i now have an instagram page set up specifically for this as well. if you are interested look up @emzie_study_journey

i am hoping to get some more posts written in the next few days explaining all about what has happened and my plans for the future and start documenting what is happening in my day to day life.

thanks for reading. until next time …..

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