The healthy lifestyle continues…

It has now been eight days since I started my healthier nutrition plan. I have managed to keep on track and I am feeling great.

First shake of my new nutrition plan

I have been eating healthier, including plenty of fruit and vegetables.

I have now also started to include excercise into my daily routine. I have only been doing this for the last couple of days so I am feeling a little stiff and tight in some muscles but I am pushing through it and carrying on with my excercise plan. No pain, no gain after all.

My breakfast routine!

I have found it so easy to do all this. I have even made it easier on myself by doing meal prep so I have my lunches and some dinners all prepped in advance. So it is even easier when I have been working all day and feel tired in the evening but can still get the nutrition I need.

Until next time…..

And so it begins

Yesterday I received my diet supplementary products from herbalife and today I started using them.

My herbalife starter products!

I am already keeping my hydration levels up by aiming for 2 litres of water a day, I am doing quite well so far and managing 1.5 litres a day.

It has been a bit of an awkward day to start on as I had a routine appointment at the hospital this morning and it meant I couldn’t try to eat breakfast etc, before I went out. Now I am back at home and will start off at lunchtime instead.

I have found a lovely spot for all my stuff to be stored in the kitchen. I tidied up and made quite a bit of room.

My products plus a few bits I bought for healthier eating.

I have been shopping and bought a selection of produce and food items suggested to me as part of my meal plan.

I am so excited to really get going and see the transformation begin.

Until next time…..

The healthy lifestyle continues

So its only day two but i feel like i should put another post about my healthy lifestyle changes. i still haven’t started the full treatment plan i am going to be working on in order to become healthier and ultimately lose some weight.

Even without being at this point i have found myself being more aware of what i am going to eat. i am wanting to eat more healthier items, checking what is actually in products and whether they are good for me to eat or if they are really bad to have in your diet. i am still trying to work up to consuming two litres of water a day but i am definetely drinking more than i was just a few days ago. today i only managed to consume one litre of water but i am happy with this as i am still working my way up.

Just by drinking more water i am feeling a bit better generally within myself. i was never aware how not drinking water and keeping hydrated would affect my day to day life. if this is the outcome from just drinking more water i can’t wait to start on the rest of my plan and see the overall outcome for everything.

I will continue to update you on my progress as i go along.

Until next time…..

Travel Journal 1: Planning to Plan

As i have previously posted i have made the decision to go travelling. I am planning to hopefully go away in about a years time. I will document my progress from planning to travelling on this blog, alongside my other blogs.

At this very moment in time i have decided to travel but i am still trying to figure out where to go. I like the idea of travelling to america, australia and asia.

In america i would like to see a few of the sites and maybe go up into canada and see a couple of sites, perhaps spending 2-3 weeks travelling through america. In australia i am considering maybe going over to new zealand for a few days whilst i am there and maybe travel through the country for about three weeks before moving on to the next destination. I am having the hardest decision when it comes to travelling through asia, i am drawn more towards thailand, tokyo, etc, places with more culture tosurround myself with.

This journey is alot about culture and history and learning more about the societies i am visiting and travelling through.

I have also been looking at possible volunteering opportunities around the world and i am thinking of including some volunteering into my travels. i am especially drawn towards the volunteering opportunities about animals.

I am still trying to figure out where i am planning to go, and begin figuring out my budget for the whole plan. i have started to look at some costings but until i have a firmer idea of what it is i want to do i can’t get a finalised estimated budget.I am so excited about going travelling. this is something i have wanted to do for a long time and i now feel i am in a better position to go ahead with this plan. i will continue to update you as i make more plans.

Until next time…..

Starting a new healthier lifestyle!

Today i made the decision to change my lifestyle and make it healthier and more beneficial for myself. I have made this decision for several reasons, firstly so that i have more energy, secondly to ultimately lose the weight that i can’t seem to shift and fell better about myself, and lastly it is the first step in my preperations for me to go travelling. I am not planning to go travelling for about a year which gives me plenty of time to be in better shape for my trip.

I am going to do regular posts about how i am getting on with the changes, documenting improvements i have noticed or any difficulties i have had. i am going to share all the facts about what i am doing.

You are probably wondering how i plan to do this, well with the help of a friend (she is a wellness coach i know), i am starting on a plan with a company called Herbalife. I feel more confident using this then i have about other diets and health plans i have tried as i am going to have support every step of the way. She is helping to create a tailored plan for me that will help me get the most out of herbalife and help me achieve my goals.

herbalife logo
Herbalife nutrition plans and products

At the moment i am waiting for my first assortment of products to arrive that are tailored for health, wellbeing, and weight loss in the most beneficial way. However before these arrive i am already starting on the tips she gave me on everything else i can do to improve myself. The first thing i have begun doing is consuming more water and staying more hydrated. She suggested i try and consume 2 litres of water a day, which seems like a lot for someone that doesn’t drink a lot of water. well with my first day done i consumed 1.5 litres of watre which is a great start. i also had a warm salad for dinner packed full of lovely yummy veggies. Plus i threw in a ten minute cardio session to see what my level of fitness was actually at, safe to say its not that high at the moment but that will soon change.

I am feeling really positive about this change, and can’t wait to share my progress with you. As i go along i will also share progress of my transformation via photographs.

Until next time……

Me and my blog

So, you are probably wondering who I am and what this blog is about so I am going to start by writing a little something to answer these questions for you.

Who am I? Put simply I am a woman born and raised in the South of England. I have always been a t tree aveller at heart. I love discovering new places and experiencing new things. I will try anything once. I love motorbikes and hope to one day travel the world on one. I currently work three jobs and like to stay busy, busy, busy.

What is this blog really about? Well I decided to start a blog to share my experiences with you all. To share tips and hints where I can. I will use the blog to review products, places etc. To share my excursions with the world. As well as to give inspiration to others to get then to pursue their dreams.

I am hoping to go travelling next year and want to share my experiences with both planning this kind of trip and actually travelling as well.

I hope you enjoy reading this blog and find it very helpful.

Until next time….