The healthy lifestyle continues…

It has now been eight days since I started my healthier nutrition plan. I have managed to keep on track and I am feeling great.

First shake of my new nutrition plan

I have been eating healthier, including plenty of fruit and vegetables.

I have now also started to include excercise into my daily routine. I have only been doing this for the last couple of days so I am feeling a little stiff and tight in some muscles but I am pushing through it and carrying on with my excercise plan. No pain, no gain after all.

My breakfast routine!

I have found it so easy to do all this. I have even made it easier on myself by doing meal prep so I have my lunches and some dinners all prepped in advance. So it is even easier when I have been working all day and feel tired in the evening but can still get the nutrition I need.

Until next time…..

Starting a new healthier lifestyle!

Today i made the decision to change my lifestyle and make it healthier and more beneficial for myself. I have made this decision for several reasons, firstly so that i have more energy, secondly to ultimately lose the weight that i can’t seem to shift and fell better about myself, and lastly it is the first step in my preperations for me to go travelling. I am not planning to go travelling for about a year which gives me plenty of time to be in better shape for my trip.

I am going to do regular posts about how i am getting on with the changes, documenting improvements i have noticed or any difficulties i have had. i am going to share all the facts about what i am doing.

You are probably wondering how i plan to do this, well with the help of a friend (she is a wellness coach i know), i am starting on a plan with a company called Herbalife. I feel more confident using this then i have about other diets and health plans i have tried as i am going to have support every step of the way. She is helping to create a tailored plan for me that will help me get the most out of herbalife and help me achieve my goals.

herbalife logo
Herbalife nutrition plans and products

At the moment i am waiting for my first assortment of products to arrive that are tailored for health, wellbeing, and weight loss in the most beneficial way. However before these arrive i am already starting on the tips she gave me on everything else i can do to improve myself. The first thing i have begun doing is consuming more water and staying more hydrated. She suggested i try and consume 2 litres of water a day, which seems like a lot for someone that doesn’t drink a lot of water. well with my first day done i consumed 1.5 litres of watre which is a great start. i also had a warm salad for dinner packed full of lovely yummy veggies. Plus i threw in a ten minute cardio session to see what my level of fitness was actually at, safe to say its not that high at the moment but that will soon change.

I am feeling really positive about this change, and can’t wait to share my progress with you. As i go along i will also share progress of my transformation via photographs.

Until next time……